Day: August 9, 2018

An overview of my Influences, Must Reads, Heuristics, Rules for Daily Life and more

In the last few months, my curiosity has led me to new and exciting places. Not only did I discover new things about myself (I’m more conservative than I thought), it also opened new avenues of conversation. New perspectives on how to talk and think about the meaning of life, what it is that we do here, and the traps to avoid. I’m 26 now, and it feels like a good moment to reflect on some things.  Read more →

“However much I may want to be an engineer, if my father is against it and won’t help me, how can I study engineering? “

KRISHNAMURTI: If you persist in wanting to be an engineer even though your father turns you out of the house, do you mean to say that you won’t find ways and means to study engineering? You will beg, go to friends. Sir, life is very strange. The moment you are very clear about what you want to do, things happen. Life comes to your aid – a friend, a relation, a teacher, a grandmother, somebody helps you. But if you are afraid to try because your father may turn you out, then you are lost. Life never comes to the aid of those who merely yield to some demand out of fear. But if you say, “This is what I really want to do and I am going to pursue it,” then you will find that something miraculous takes place.  Read more →