Author: Kobe Van Reppelen

“Awakening from the Meaning Crisis”

I’m learning new terms! Psycho-technology, exaptation, the meaning of “wizard” and “supervision” and much, much more!

A series from John Vervaeke, professor at the University of Toronto. I cannot believe that this is free.


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Jirka asked me some questions

In the last few months, ever since I arrived in Vienna, I joined Jirka and his wonderful Biggest Dreamers-initiative. It is a monthly get-together where strangers meet and share (if they feel inclined to) about their dreams. 

One of Jirka’s dreams was to start a podcast, and since I have the gear to do so, I gladly helped him out. We had a 45-minute conversation, which you can find here (download): 


Observation of the Development of Chick Embryo

What a wonderful development.

I finished my first marathon!

Race information

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