“Awakening from the Meaning Crisis”

I’m learning new terms! Psycho-technology, exaptation, the meaning of “wizard” and “supervision” and much, much more!

A series from John Vervaeke, professor at the University of Toronto. I cannot believe that this is free.



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Jirka asked me some questions

In the last few months, ever since I arrived in Vienna, I joined Jirka and his wonderful Biggest Dreamers-initiative. It is a monthly get-together where strangers meet and share (if they feel inclined to) about their dreams. 

One of Jirka’s dreams was to start a podcast, and since I have the gear to do so, I gladly helped him out. We had a 45-minute conversation, which you can find here (download): 


Observation of the Development of Chick Embryo

What a wonderful development.

I finished my first marathon!

Race information

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My talk with Vitalik Buterin

Yesterday, I had the honor and pleasure to talk to Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum. I made a long post on Reddit explaining how this came to be, plus an overview of the questions, and even a transcript. I’ll copy+paste that here. I’m happy with how things went, and so far, people on the internet have been very positive, which is nice.

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My Big Five Personality Test

I just finished the understandmyself.com test. None of the results surprise me. On the contrary, I feel that my lowest/highest score results are quite familiar to me, and I’ve been thinking about them a lot. I’m still uncertain how to move forward with these results. For what it’s worth, I test as an ENFP on the MBTI scale.

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Blamma! Blamma!’s Zsa Zsa is wonderful. But I can’t find the lyrics. Can you help me find it?

Radio edit

Original mix

AraCon from a volunteer’s perspective

As some of you might know, I volunteered (first time!) at Aracon One, Aragon’s first major conference. I’ll keep this short, as I’m still recovering from a whole week in Berlin – beer, kebab, a pinch of stress and a lot of love.

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Here’s my short biography + letter of motivation

I am applying for the Cross-Disciplinary Strategies studies at die Universität für angewandte Kunst. I had to write a short biography and a letter of motivation and thought it’d be interesting to share it here as well. If my application gets accepted, a personal interview will follow.

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No More Jordan Peterson!

Just kidding. This is probably the best interview around. It’s a great introduction to his work, life and point of view.