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My talk with Vitalik Buterin

Yesterday, I had the honor and pleasure to talk to Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum. I made a long post on Reddit explaining how this came to be, plus an overview of the questions, and even a transcript. I’ll copy+paste that here. I’m happy with how things went, and so far, people on the internet have been very positive, which is nice.

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DevCon4 Day 3

Last day! The conference flew by, which is a good sign. Yesterday’s Blockchains LLC announcement was quite the thing, and people are still talking about it. We’ll see how things evolve in the next years. It’s 9.41 am and Lubin is going to talk in two weeks twenty minutes. I’ll be updating throughout the day. (Also check day0day1day2 blogposts.)  Read more →

DevCon4 Day 2

Today I’ll spend most of my day in Radiant Orchid and Prism/Spectrum (the two main rooms). Tonight we’ll have the Blockchains LLC announcementThese are the talks I’ll attend. I’ll provide updates throughout the day. I share a quick impression and encourage you to watch the sessions yourself.   Read more →

DevCon4 Day 1

It’s 10.21am and I’m waiting for the Kick-off keynote, which will start in a few moments. Today is day 1, and it promises to be an exciting one.  Read more →

DevCon4 day 0

Today was the official start of Devcon4 in Prague, the yearly Ethereum conference family reunion hosted by the Ethereum Foundation. It’s my first time, too. Although I actively create (blog posts, podcasts, books, ..), I’m no developer.  Read more →