DevCon4 Day 3

Last day! The conference flew by, which is a good sign. Yesterday’s Blockchains LLC announcement was quite the thing, and people are still talking about it. We’ll see how things evolve in the next years. It’s 9.41 am and Lubin is going to talk in two weeks twenty minutes. I’ll be updating throughout the day. (Also check day0day1day2 blogposts.) 

A Killer Ecosystem

A bit disappointing. I hoped that Joe would provide some behind the scenes information, like what’s it like to run an organization the size of Consensys? Lessons learned? I recommend you watch his talk but it was little more than an overview of Consensys’ strategy, teams and tools. Nothing new, no big announcement (except for a 500k grant fund).

Building Augur – Lessons Learned

Excellent talk on the scope of Augur development. Also, Augur will replace ETH with DAI to make predictions (because users don’t necessarily want to be long ETH when they make 6-12 month bets.) It’s these kinds of talks that remind me of the enormous scope of development that goes into the ecosystem.

Portable Hardware Security for Ethereum : Design & Trade-Offs

Technical talk on SGX, and the focus on software-based security. To a non-techie like me, Bacca sounds like a wizard.

The Web We Want

Happy to see the guy behind on stage. Nice and interesting high level talk with a focus on building a decentralized internet archive. Play with it yourself:

Society & Systems Breakout: Ethereum’s Impact on Society

1. Is Ethereum compatible in Islamic finance?

Interesting perspective on a billion+ people market. tl;dw cryptocurrency is Shariah compatible, if the choosenfew(interpreters) reach consensus.

2. Money is the first Ðapp: how to gain adoption in Venezuela

Alejandro from OMI on living surviving in Venezuela, powered by crypto.

3. Self-Sovereign Sexuality

Funny talk from Ameen (and Chelsea) from Spankchain. Empowering marginalized communities (well, people in those communities).

4. Post Nation-State Governance

Lots of talk, little showcase of the product he’s working on. Reminded me of Aragon but I could be wrong.

5. Lessons from International Law: How to structure our thinking around crypto governance

Hard to follow, few real-world use cases (related to blockchain tech or the Ethereum ecosystem). Interesting subject nevertheless.

Decentralization Against Isolation

Nice introduction to his work. His podcast interviews were better though, see Econtalk or Hashing it Out. He took one question but asked “for a woman or someone from a minority,” which I think was kinda weird.

A Conversation with Stewart Brand

Wendell Davis and Althea Allen ask weird questions (imo). Also, they switch to audience Q&A and continue asking questions (themselves) after the first audience question. Ten people are lined up to ask questions but #whatever. Don’t know what to think about this talk.