Questions I can’t answer (yet)

What does it mean to be a ‘good’ person?

Is it merely the absence of being ‘bad’?

Is it to offer yourself to the world?

Is it to fix every mistake?

Is it to focus on oneself?

To retreat – to write, to think, to farm?

What if simply ‘being’ is what makes one ‘good’ – or ‘enough’?

Should one tackle global problems, at the expense of local affairs?

Should the wealthy give it all to the poor?

Should one build his citadel?

Does the height of the tree outweigh the depth of its roots?

Who are your friends – mortal empiricists, or immortal thinkers through all ages, or both?

Why do you live?

Is it enough to think clearly?

What is dedication?

What is progress?

Are you the polymath who doesn’t think – the polyglot who refuses to talk?

If self-sabotage were an on/off button, where would you put it? What would that look like?

Is it better to have never been?

Were you giving the load you can carry?

What do you seek? Is it seeking you?

Who are you? Do you love me? Are you riding?

Hallelujah anyway?