From Aristotle and Epictetus to Richard Feynman, the world’s brightest minds often are some of the best teachers any student could wish for. To share what you know is one of the biggest perks of the learning process. Any discoverer, who takes a leap of faith, who tries to do something new and exciting, inspires others with his secrets, stories and anecdotes of what he or she has learned along the way.


Would you like to start a journaling habit? 

Check out my Dutch course, Creatief Canvas.

Would you like to self-publish your book?

I’m putting together a mini-course, where I explain in detail how I went from a popular podcast to a self-published book. (pre-order here)

Would you like to improve your public speaking? 

One of my favourite books on public speaking is Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln. I put my remarks, comments and daily practices in a free email course. Yes, I practice public speaking daily.

Would you like to start a micro business?

I absolutely love solo-creators who independently build a range of products and services around their beautiful personalities, from Austin Kleon to James Clear and Marie Forleo. But how do you start? What is your special gift? How do you find your voice?

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