I’m Kobe

I tell old stories through new media. I journal, self-publish, read, run, travel the world and I host a podcast. I try to lead a creative life, work independently and be intellectually productive. I live in Antwerp, Belgium.

# About Me

  • Born (1991) and raised in Belgium, I spent one year as an exchange student in Brazil and another one in Hamburg, Germany
  • I interviewed Belgian politicians, educators, artists, and entrepreneurs, whose stories I bundled in my first book, Exemplified. I’ve also published a couple of atypical travel guides.
  • I am an ENFP who loves the effects of nonlinearity in the creative field, among many other things
  • Articles I read: here’s a public folder with saved articles I (mostly) like

# Current occupation

  • Publishing & editing “October to October,” notes from the year I was 25.

I’m always looking for people to join me on a (multiple) week-long writing retreat, anywhere in the world, any time of the year. Please reach out!

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